We received 62 responses to the landscape survey, all of which were anonymous.

The following scale was used for Questions 1,2 and 3, but just a Yes/No for Question 4. Question 5 was open for comments so responses are categorized in a few groups.

1 to 4 = Poor/Dissatisifed
5 = Moderate/Somewhat Satisfied
6 to 10 = Good/Satisfied

Question 1 - Current level of satisfaction with landscape:
Good/Satisfied - 25 responses
Moderate/Somewhat Satisfied - 14 responses
Poor/Dissatisfied - 23 responses

Question 2 - Level of satisfaction with weed control
Good/Satisfied - 20 responses
Moderate/Somewhat Satisfied - 11 responses
Poor/Dissatisfied - 31 responses

Question 3 - Spillway Maintenance (many residents didn't know what should happen with spillways)
Good/Satisfied - 25 responses
Moderate/Somewhat Satisfied - 22 responses
Poor/Dissatisfied - 15 responses

Question 4 - More Tree Pruning
Yes - 35 responses
No-18 responses
No definite opinion - 9 responses

Question 5 - Other Improvements
Many people reiterated comments about need for better weed control, removal of dead cactus/trees, etc.
Lots of comments on trees, both eliminating for views or better pruning methods to keep them healthy
Request for more native plants to be planted
Need to hire a landscape company that knows what they are doing and has better supervision
Adding benches and artwork to the common areas
Eliminating wood retaining walls and replacing with brick
A request to pay more attention to Pitahaya